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Daniella Bernal, REST Charlotte Provider

Teen Yoga Program

  • Mondays, 4:30PM – 6:00PM 
  • Wednesdays, 10:00AM – 11:30AM
This hour and a half class will be a refuge and safe place for adolescents and teens to learn about themselves and their feelings in new ways through the mind-body connection. Along with the physical discipline of yoga, they will learn tools and coping mechanisms that are the foundation of human beingness!
They will REST! Restore, Energize, Settle, and Transform!
Classes include connection, breathwork, yoga asana (sequenced postures), tools, and various types of meditation. Some of the topics we’ll touch on are; Feel All The Feelings, Boundaries, Self Love, What Is Up With My Brain, and Tools of Teenhood.
Sign-ups are open for three- and six-week versions of the program.
For questions or to sign up, please email hello@restcharlotte.com, visit www.restcharlotte.com or 704-961-9715 ext. 1. You can also enroll directly at www.vagaro.com/restcharlotte.

Baby Connection Yoga Class

This hour and a half yoga class will be all about connecting with your little one! In this  class you will learn, share and relate with your fellow humans on this amazing, joyful, challenging, first year journey of your baby’s life. Throughout and interwoven will be the benefits of yoga asana (postures), breathwork and meditation.

Some of the topics we’ll touch on are; bonding, attachment, sleeping, myths, brain development, and more. Every session will have floor-based restorative yoga, breathwork and meditation which you will do alongside your baby. 

Classes will start at the end of June. Please contact us to sign-up or, for more information at: hello@restcharlotte.com or 704-961-9715. You may also go to www.vagaro.com/restcharlotte to sign up by clicking through to Jun 20, 2022.