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REST Charlotte is a holistic collaborative community space combining mental and physical wellness.

This collaboration brings together Caladrius Therapy and Pranayama House.

Bethany Anderson, Pranayama House Owner

Our Services

Check out the services à la carte, or schedule a session with one of our integrated care specialists to get a personally tailored plan that addresses your needs and fits your lifestyle, budget, and schedule.

Therapy & Counseling

Preventative and restorative mental health services - delivered by licensed clinical therapists using latest evidence-based methods.

Massage & Body Work

Massage therapy grounded in sound mental health principles - offered by practitioners experienced with working with a range of clients.


Classes and training encouraging intuitive movement that is aligned with your mental health journey.


Meditation and sensory experiences.

Massage & Body Work


The time is now for you to take time to just relax.

Book a massage or come spend some time in our biophilic meditation space, available for classes or on a drop-in basis (check our calendar for hours). You can find weekly rotating self-guided options in the space, book a one-on-one personal guided meditation, or join a group meditation class attuned to your goals on your lunch break.

Intuitive Movement


Our fitness professionals have the benefit of mental health para-professional training and will be able to work hand-in-hand with our mental health professionals to deliver fitness, intuitive movement and confidence that will energize your body and make you proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Additionally, we have specialized movement classes created with our therapists for those recovering from trauma, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety to offer movement tailored to your specific mental health needs.

Our fitness experts can also help you create a personal training guide informed by your mental health needs, not in conflict with them. We can even have a therapist assist in your movement sessions if there are mental health barriers to meeting your goals. We’re changing the rules of what’s possible. Why? Because you deserve it.

Daniella Bernal, Pranayama House Provider



Calming the body is the first step to calming the mind. It all starts with being able to find a center of relaxation through meditation, mindfulness, or sensory experiences (sound bath, anyone?).

At REST, we help you to apply these skills to your mental health journey, your physical movement, and your body work. We believe this holistic approach can be one of the most beneficial ways we can help you take care of you.

Wellness Counseling & Therapy


We have a huge societal problem with the current status quo of mental health services. You have to reach a life-altering level of unwell before insurance pays for care or before most people decide it is time to access care. Insurance has made strides to understand preventative physical health care like paying for annual physicals, yet despite the mental health crisis we are currently experiencing as a society, the idea of preventative mental health care is still under utilized and inaccessible.

We offer both preventative and reparative/restorative mental health and wellness services. If more people were proactive in accessing mental health and did not see therapy necessarily as a long-term commitment, how much more could our mental health change?

There is no long-term commitment here, we want you to come only as long as you feel like you want or need to. Book a single appointment just to learn some coping skills for that upcoming presentation, come in for a self-care consult to identify barriers to living life your way, or book six sessions to work on communication with your partner – all are fantastic!

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